The exhibition “Turkey by Photographs IV”

The exhibition “Turkey by Photographs IV”

The exhibition “Turkey by Photographs IV” features the work of about 22 Turkish photographers were concluded this Saturday, the 11th with great attention of the art lovers.

As a part of the monthly San Pedro Art walk, the exhibition at the Croatian Cultural Center of Los Angeles was also awarded with a certificate of recognition by the Los Angeles City 15th district councilmember Joe Buscaino.

During the opening reception, the curators of the event, two local Long Beach residents Mr. Aydin Tuna Palabiyikoglu and Mrs. Nalan Kumlali Atahan were also recognized by the Councilman for their efforts for sharing their rich and diversified of their old country with the Harbor community.

The founder, curator and a professional photographer himself, M. Palabiyikoglu mentioned that this is the fourth in the series of such themed exhibition. He hopes to expand the series by allowing many more participating artists to find an opportunity to show their creative work to the rest of the World.

During the segment of the series, photographs by 22 artists were on display as well as a collaboration slides show was presented on multi media. Mr. Palabiyikoglu added that the series started in 2015 thus so far included works of 40 plus different artists. It seems like there will be more similar exhibitions in the works.

Mrs. Atahan also added that they were very pleased with the good gathering to both the opening and the closing receptions since their goal was exposing the colorful reflections from different corners of Turkey to as many spectators as possible.

Guests enjoyed ethnic nibbles and some wine testing while browsing the vivid images.

Here’s who spotted attending the receptions:

Turkish Consul General hon.  Ms. Gulru Gezer expressed her admiration of such rich and artistic collaboration of different expressions.

 It was the first time that a cultural event at the spectacular the Croatian Cultural Center of Los Angeles by any Turkish origin collection, however, more multi-cultural art exhibitions are expected to take place in the upcoming months per Maya Bristow, the current president of the Center.

Who knows maybe the next segment coming to a spectacular location in your town.

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