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The “refutation series” continues with Germany today. What follows is in no way a complete list of documents but simply a taste of it. After all, there is enough ammunition in the German archives, and in other archives, to put more than a “shadow of doubt” into any fair person’s mind about the validity of the bogus AFATH claims.

There is, for example, the issue of Tehlirian trials of 1921 in Berlin, which makes absolute mockery of justice. Tehlirian is the Armenian assassin who shot Talat Pasha in Berlin in 1921. It was clearly a pre-meditated murder at point blank range by a trained terrorist and witnessed by many. The kangaroo court that followed could provide enough material for 100 PhD theses. The defense was denied the testimony of some witnesses, the expertise of German generals who served in the Ottoman Empire at the time, and those who knew the victim closely. Forget all that; the defense was even denied the testimony of the victim’s wife! Yet, any Armenian who wished so, could take the witness stand and badmouth the Ottoman Empire without providing so much as a shred of evidence to substantiate their claims, not that they were asked to. Emotional outbursts, tears, curses, insults by the prosecution’s witnesses stood in a sad contrast with forced silence of the defense. Result? Tehlirian walked, of course. So much for German justice! What a shameless circus that Tehlirian court was in 1921!

Then there are those claims by the Armenians that the Germans were so determined to complete the railroad from Berlin to Baghdad during WWI, that they did not want to risk it by sabotages and fifth column activities of the Armenian revolutionaries and strongly suggested to the Young Turk regime that the Armenian troublemakers be removed from the area. To investigate these claims, at least 10 PhD theses could be needed and justified.

Don’t forget the thousands of communications, meeting notes, reports, books, etc. written by the Germans before, during, and after WWI, at which were hardly looked. There are another 300-400 PhD theses in there.

And that’s not all. You can go back to the Berlin Treaty of 1878. The era 1878-1923 would require another 200 or so PhD theses.

Then there is the 1828-1923 era… How about, say, 100 PhD theses there?

And how about the time period from time immemorial to 1923? Shall we put another 250 PhD theses there?

These are all German documents only… This brief calculation put us behind by at least a thousand PhD theses, the many years of work they collectively represent, and the understanding these studies would provide. And yet, the AFATH lobbies already have decided that German documents support their bogus AAG.

You see what happens in the absence of proper scholarly studies? Charlatans like that Convicted -1970s –Turkish-Terrorist-Turned-German-Asylum- Seeker –Turned – American- Historian, claims to know it all and spreads his mis-representations as rock solid truth. We all know he is doing this to avenge Turkey for the leftist revolution he and his terrorist organization was denied by the Turkish State in 1970s. All of a sudden, someone who has no idea about history and knows even less about the Ottoman Turkish written in Arabic script that he can hardly read, becomes an ultimate expert on Ottoman history.

Anyway, back to the German documents… If we do not find the time, the money, and the scholars to research these issues, then the AFATH lobby will and do fill the vacuum with flim-flam people masquerading as historians to spread their venomous accounts of a bogus genocide as fact.

In the near future, I will also list here a list of bona fide genocides in recent history that are conveniently ignored. You will see how …

n we, in the US, ignore the forced and brutal relocations of Native Americans(time and again) , black slavery, and others;

n France ignores the genocides in North Africa, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, Indo-China, and elsewhere;

n England dismisses the Irish Potato Famine of 1845-1848, the genocide of Australia — -(The Aborigines) and New Zealand (The Maoris), India, Africa, and Americas;

n Germany forgets the genocide of the Herreros in Namibia (SW Africa) way before the Holocaust in WWII;

n Belgium disregard the extermination of millions of Congolese;

n Holland says nothing about the massacres of natives in Indonesia and elsewhere,

n Portugal is silent about the pogroms in Brasil, Africa, South Asia, and elsewhere;

n Spain ignores the killing natives in South, Central and North Americas en masse for the three G’s (God, Gold, and Glory), and many others…

n And I haven’t even touched on genocides, pogroms, massacres, and/or forced relocations in Japan, China, Soviet Union, Russia, Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia, and others, but I know you get the picture.

How come we never hear about any of these?

How come no US representative or senator sponsors a genocide resolution to recognize anyone of these some “thousand bona-fide cases of genocides” ?

Especially in view of the fact that they always seem ready, year after year, to call a civil war started by Armenians during WWI a genocide? And most of them, ironically, could not even point to the location of Turkey on a globe? Yet, these “politicians” instantly morph into “historians” when it comes to bogus allegations demonizing Turkey! Why this double standard? Do campaign dollars and votes justify selling of one’s soul?

I wish so much to corner at least one of those “genocide sponsoring politicians” on a live TV panel discussion to expose him/her for the baseless and unfair defamation s/he relentlessly spreads to demonize my Turkish heritage… Then millions of American voters would be able to see how fake these “genocide sponsoring politicians” really are…

In the meantime, please feel free to quote bits and pieces from the contents of this column in your letters to the editor. It is up to us to educate those well-meaning but ill-informed and biased masses in America. And if you are not sure as to how to compose an attention-getting letter, you can always quote a paragraph from these archives and simply ask how come Turkish suffering, which is four time more devastating that the Armenian suffering, is ignored in your resolution, article, commentary, and/or or op-ed? Then add if that behavior is fair or ethical or American or human?



AAG = The alleged Armenian genocide
AFATH = Armenian Falsifiers and Turk Haters
WWI = The First World War
WWII = The Second World War
Ethocide = Extermination of ethics via pre-meditated and malicious mass deception for political, economic, social, and/or moral benefits


“…The countless pamphlets which were discovered everywhere the Armenians used to be, the provocative brochures, the weapons, the ammunitions, the explosive and other materials, prove well that uprisings had been planned long time ago. This had been prepared, supported and had been financed by Russia. A project of Armenian attempt against high-ranking servants of the State and the officers was discovered in Istanbul at the last minute. Given that all the Moslems at an age to be armed were mobilized in the Turkish army, the Armenians would have been able to very easily massacre the civil populations remained defenseless. Because the Armenians did not content themselves with skirmishes on sides and rear of the army grappling with the Russians: they also swept all the Moslems they found on their passage. The cruelties of the Armenians I witnessed exceeded by far those attributed to the Turks…”

German Gen. Bronsart von Schellendorf, article appeared in the newspaper Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, on July 24th, 1921


“…It is unacceptable to make a comparison between the Holocaust and the tragedy lived by the Armenian people. It is the judgment of the (German) federal government that the evaluation of the massacres that occurred in 1915-1916 , by definition, may only be a subject of History and that it, consequently, is a matter of historical research only and concerns the two countries involved, namely Turkey and Armenia Only…”

Statement of the German Foreign Office (Turkish daily Milliyet of March 23, 2001)


“…The French parliament followed the example of parliaments of the other countries such as Greece, Italy, and Russia, and voted for a law according to which eviction and murder of a part of the 2.5 million Armenians by Turkey in 1915/1916 is considered as a ‘genocide’. To decide on a historic matter by a law is, in the first place, an enormous wasting of taxes and parliamentary energy, with no direct link regarding the current policies, and secondly, an insult to every historian. It is not up to the legislator but to the historians and to each individual to decide for him/herself on terms and categories that s/he wants to use to describe what took place in Turkey in 1915/1916. A free spiritual life holds on to the following principle: to inquire at first about the current legal situation in order to, in a second step, study the case in a scientific way without falling in the insult…”

Institute for Social Articulation, Germany, January 19, 2001


“… As demonstrated by the innumerable declarations, provocative pamphlets, weapons, ammunition, explosives etc., found in areas inhabited by Armenians, the rebellion was prepared for a long time, organized, strengthened and financed by Russia. Information was received on time in Istanbul about an Armenian assassination attempt directed at high ranking state officials and officers. Since all Muslims capable of bearing arms were in the Turkish army, it was easy to organize a terrible massacre by the Armenians against defenceless people, because the Armenians were not only attacking the sides and rear of the Eastern Army paralyzed at the front by the Russians, but were attacking the Muslim folk in the region as well. The Armenian atrocities which I have witnessed were far worse than the so-called Turkish brutality…”

General Bronsart, Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, 24 July 1921


“ …The German Embassy issued a statement and said, ‘all German official documents belonging to the period before 1945 are open to researches without any restrictions.’ Emphasizing that this was particularly valid for the documents of German Foreign Ministry Political Archives Department, the statement said the documents had a particular importance as there had been intensive diplomatic and military relations between Germany and the Ottoman Empire being allies at those times and due to facilities to acquire information were well. The statement said the files pertaining to the issue were open to everybody in Political Archives in Berlin and that copies of all of those files were given to Turkey and Armenia as microfiche in 1998….”

Turkish Press, “German Embassy In Ankara: Documents In German Archives Pertaining To Armenians Are Completely Open To Everybody”, Ankara, March 11, 2005

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